We live in your future

At Con-Sec we know every business's technology needs are different and having the right IT support in place is mission-critical. Whether you have 5 employees or 500; we can craft an IT management strategy that's right for your organization, and we'll find the most cost-effective way to get just the right level of support.

We use modern and the latest state-of-the-art remote IT access tools to manage your systems effectively from remote location. So we never really meet with our customers face to face and it works fine.
We value your information as we value ours. We make sure that the technology that we use is secured and technologically tested.

The tasks carried out by an IT consultant vary depending on the nature of the project they are working on. Currently we provide the following:

IT Consultancy

  • Meeting with clients to determine requirements
  • Working with clients to define the scope of a project
  • Planning timescales and the resources needed
  • Clarifying a client's system specifications, understanding their work practices and the nature of their business
  • Travelling to customer sites
  • Liaising with staff at all levels of a client organization

IT Security

  • Defining software, hardware and network requirements
  • Analyzing IT requirements within companies and giving independent and objective advice on the use of IT
  • Developing agreed solutions and implementing new systems
  • Presenting solutions in written or oral reports
  • Helping clients with change-management activities
  • Purchasing systems where appropriate

IT Support

  • Designing, testing, installing and monitoring new systems
  • Preparing documentation and presenting progress reports to customers
  • Organizing training for users and other consultants
  • Being involved in sales and support, and where appropriate, maintaining contact with client organizations
  • Identifying potential clients and building and maintaining contacts
  • Working and implementing either by a yearly maintenance contract or by project