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7 Crazy Things You Will Find On the Dark Web

If you’re a fan of the Internet, and obviously you are, then you will be most intrigued by the World Wide Web’s mysterious cousin, the…

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10 Games That Teach Kids To Code

In this world 36 million kids have taken part in Hour of code activities, by helping them to develop their skill in technology use and that might help to get a job one day.

Most of…

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How To Control Your Cursor With Keyboard In Windows

We all use our mouse or track pad to control the mouse cursor in our laptop and it is completely common. If you are bored of this old way and want to interact with your…

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Here is What Happens When You Delete a File or Folder

It happens. You delete a folder or format a memory card without realizing that it contained some crucial file, photo, or document. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can recover or “undelete” that…

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How does packet sniffing work?

A hot subject in the security world is encryption. Encryption is used to stop packet-sniffing (also known as packet capturing or protocol analyzing) attacks. Sniffing happens when an unauthorized third party captures network packets destined…

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How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Windows


We all happen to have duplicate files on our computer and they waste a lot of precious space on our hard drive. If you are someone who…

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